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Owner: Ian
Username: slacker87xj
Year / Make / Model: 1988 Jeep Cherokee (XJ)
Drive Train: 4-6 cylinders with some sort of transfer case maybe
The rear main doesn't leak.

Front Axle: D30/lockrite/4.88s

Rear Axle: D44/Detroit/4.88s
Suspension: 4.5" RE lift, bilstein shocks, Clayton longarms
Wheels / Tires: 4 new 33s and one bald ass 33 spare sitting in a pile outside.
Armor: THOR quarterguards
Extras: The usual Inspector Gadget electronical shenanigans awaiting installation on the workbench.
Chinese winch in my basement awaiting an m4o bumper.
Too much fawking chrome that all must die.
Custom "Happiness is being a grandparent" license plate frame.
The horn works.

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